Blood Moon Bargains

This dark comedy flips the tables to put us in the mind of a door-to-door dealer. (Content Warning: Violence, Language)

This story was originally published in LOLcraft: A Compendium of Eldritch Humor, December 2022.

Author: Kyer Kneifel

Kyer Kneifel is a writer, engineer, and full-time nerd. He enjoys fantasy, sci-fi and everything in between. He has a love for RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and is a huge video game player, with experience in just about every type of game there is. He also has a knack for quoting almost every movie or show he’s seen. With all those factors combined, his writing has a wide range of genres it dips into and he always enjoys a good writing challenge.

Narrator: Eddie Knight

Eddie Knight has been a technical leader in organizations ranging from financial services to software security, enabling him to gain the wealth of experience and insight that he brings as a speaker, author, and strategist.

His most recent work is Nix, a cybercrime technothriller about a family man tech executive who’s life gets turned upside down when his AI and Robotics company draws international attention.